Technology Principle

Technical Principles

Plasma ball , in the 1930s, due to the need of ion accelerator, Van de Graff invented a new electrostatic generator, which can generate a very high voltage (200Kev), so it is used as a DC high-voltage power supply for ion accelerator, and the static electricity generation source is There are two types of friction electrification and direct voltage application. The function can be voice controlled and touched. After the switch is turned on, a blood-red light appears in the sphere, just like a flash of lightning in the sky: mysterious, stimulating, tempting, at this time, touching the sphere light with your hand will run to the hand and the sphere. The contact point makes you feel like you are in space, and it will get hot over time.

The appearance of the electrostatic ball is a high-strength glass ball shell. The ball is filled with a thin inert gas (such as argon), and there is a black spherical electrode in the center of the glass ball. There is an oscillating circuit board at the bottom of the ball. The 12V low-voltage direct current is converted into a high-voltage high-frequency voltage through the power converter and applied to the electrodes. After being energized, the oscillating circuit generates a high-frequency voltage electric field. The thin gas in the ball is radiated by the ionization of the high-frequency electric field, producing a mysterious color. Due to the high voltage on the electrodes, the light generated is some radiant glow, colorful and radiant, which is very beautiful in the dark.