Groovy Motion Lava Lamp instructions and tips

Skills: Groovy Motion Lava Lamp is a good partner. I hope she will be with you day and night. No matter spring, summer, autumn and winter, no matter how cold or hot, it will always change magically.


1. Start, no matter when, I want her to have an effect quickly. After opening, wrap her from top to bottom with a towel or plastic bag (the light bottle itself is usually packaged in a transparent plastic bag, and you can use it to cover it from above. Just come down), so that no matter what the room temperature, it is guaranteed to be able to walk normally within 2 hours. The ones with dimmer switch must be adjusted to the brightest.


2. When the room temperature is lower than 20 degrees in winter, put a transparent plastic bag on it, which can keep warm and create a small environment of about 25 degrees. The best temperature for Groovy Motion Lava Lamps is 20-30 degrees.


3. In summer, when the room temperature is higher than 25 degrees, when the Groovy Motion Lava Lamp moves, the balls are many and small, and the aesthetics is not enough. It doesn't matter, you can adjust the brightness appropriately through the additional dimmer switch, and slowly you can achieve moderate up and down movement speed and moderate sphere size.


4. It is best to use reflector bulbs for Groovy Motion Lava Lamp bulbs-focusing and energy saving.


The Groovy Motion Lava Lamp is like a pet. As long as you take care of her, understand her and love her, she will accompany you forever day and night, like the universe, endless and full of life. The service life of the lamp bottle is super long. It has been the same as new for 10 years and 20 years.


Precautions for use:


1. The dimmer switch can adjust the brightness of the bulb. When not in use, please turn the dimmer switch to off, and hear a clicking sound, or unplug the plug from the power socket to prevent long-term current passing due to the insufficient turn off of the dimmer switch, which will affect the life and cost of the dimmer switch. Electricity.


2. If the bulb does not light up, you can replace it yourself. The model is generally E14 lamp holder, power 25-30W. The wattage of the replacement bulb should not exceed 40W.


3. During use, please do not shake the lamp bottle. After shaking, it can only be restored after a long time of opening.

4. The liquid in the lamp bottle is non-toxic but can not be drunk. If the bottle is broken, it is forbidden to continue using it; if the liquid is broken, please wipe it off with clean water in time.


5. After the lamp is on for a period of time, the base will become hot, and the surface temperature is 50-60 degrees Celsius, which is normal and can be turned on for a long time. Please keep it away from the reach of children to prevent damage and burns.


Instructions for use: Please carefully open the outer packaging, which contains: base, bulb, lamp bottle and lamp cap. For transportation safety, bulbs are generally packaged individually.


First, put the bulb on the base lamp cap, screw on the bulb, place it on a stable table, and then insert the lamp bottle upright with the bottle cap, and cover the lamp cap. Plug in the power and turn on the switch.


The Groovy Motion Lava Lamp can walk normally in about 2 hours at a suitable temperature, please be patient.

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