What about Rotating Kaleidoscope Lamp?

A kaleidoscope is an optical toy. Place brightly colored objects on one end of a cylinder. A prism is placed in the middle of the cylinder. The other end is sealed with open glass. You can observe beautiful symmetrical images from the hole. So how much other knowledge do you know about it? Let’s follow the editor of Rotating Kaleidoscope Lamp to have a simple understanding!
The surface mirror is made of glass with aluminum powder attached to the surface. Use attachment surface. Since the texture is delicate and easily scratched, you must be very careful when using it. Unlike ordinary household mirrors, the surface is used for reflection, so the image is very clear. With ordinary mirrors, the thickness of the glass will produce excess light refraction, so the reflection will become somewhat hazy. Surface mirrors are mostly used in optical instruments and single-lens reflex cameras.
Compared with glass, plastic mirrors are not broken and soft, so they are suitable for beginners or children. The material is mostly propylene or polyethylene, which can get the image similar to the surface mirror.
Metal mirrors have the same unbreakable characteristics as plastic mirrors, but the reflection is slow. The material is mostly aluminum or stainless steel.
Dichroic glass is a special glass with various metal oxide substances attached to the surface of the glass in a vacuum. When the light passes through, it will turn into seven colors, which are more gorgeous. It is often used in recent kaleidoscope production, such as as a subject matter, or as an exterior decoration. Because the production of the dichroic mirror is very complicated, the price is also very high. Currently this technology is also used for lighting.
In summary, the editor of Rotating Kaleidoscope Lamp tells: a brief introduction to some related knowledge about kaleidoscope, hope you can learn more through the introduction of the above editor. 

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