Mini Lava Lamp Shake and Shine Glitter Light tells the principle of lava lamp!

Lava lamps are also called wax lamps, jellyfish lamps, and magma lamps. The name derives from the slow flow of wax droplets of indefinite shape within it, which is reminiscent of the flow of lava. It has many shapes and colors. The glass bottle is like lava flowing, using the principle of heat energy to create the eternal light and shadow moving and changing effect, and the appearance is very beautiful. Today's lava lamps have developed a variety of colors, shapes and sizes, becoming a fashion, but also a choice of gifts, home decoration, display, in college student dormitories, offices and other places is also a kind of decoration. So do you know its principle and some precautions for use? Let’s follow the editor of Mini Lava Lamp Shake and Shine Glitter Light to have a simple understanding!
1. Principle
There is an ordinary incandescent bulb or reflector bulb at the bottom, and a glass bottle is placed on the top. The special aqueous solution and waxy solid in the bottle form heat when the bulb is turned on, which is transferred from the bottom to the glass bottle. The wax at the bottom of the bottle melts and becomes lighter after being heated. It will rise slowly, and when it gets a little colder at the top, it will slowly fall down again. This is how the floating effect comes.
2. Some knowledge that needs attention
1. The wax needs to be melted after the lamp is turned on for a period of time and the liquid is heated, and it changes constantly. Please wait patiently.
2. After the wax melts, the temperature of the lamp will be higher. Please do not touch the lamp directly with your hands to prevent burns.
3. Since the lamp is not fixed, please place it in a place that is not easy to hit to prevent accidents.
4. Please do not open the liquid bottle or shake the liquid in the bottle violently to ensure the normal operation of the lamp.
The above is the introduction of Mini Lava Lamp Shake and Shine Glitter Light: some related knowledge about the principle of lava lamp, I hope you can learn more.

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