Working principle and application of Motion Sparkle Lamp

Motion Sparkle Lamp is a light-supplementing device suitable for sports.Motion Sparkle Lamp works by storing high voltage electricity in a capacitor and discharging the flash tube with a pulse trigger to complete the instantaneous flash.

When the Motion Sparkle Lamp is fully charged, it flashes when triggered by the camera switch.During the luminescence of the Motion Sparkle Lamp, light is emitted from the Motion Sparkle Lamp and reflected back onto the object to enter the camera (for exposure) and the flash metering element.The photometric element converts the light energy into an electrical signal input integrated circuit which outputs an electrical signal proportional to the amount of flash.When the flash value meets the requirement of suitable exposure, the output electrical signal of the integral circuit triggers the control circuit to trigger the flash stop circuit, thereby extinguishing Motion Sparkle Lamp.

Since Motion Sparkle Lamp has a very short duration of flash, to dim it, the flash metering element used must be a photosensitive element with fast responsiveness.

There are also drawbacks with Motion Sparkle Lamp, such as the possibility that Motion Sparkle Lamp's light may be left behind in the pupil of the eye when shooting characters, which can lead to a "red-eye" situation. So many cameras have added the function of "red-eye removal" to their design, which allows pupils to adjust to weak light before the Motion Sparkle Lamp is turned on.Then perform the real flash to avoid red eye.Medium and low-grade digital cameras generally have three flash modes: automatic flash, red-eye removal and flash off.More advanced products also offer a "forced flash" or even a "slow flash" function.


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