Introduction to the voltage classification knowledge of Motion Sparkle Lamp!

When purchasing a Motion Sparkle Lamp, the key is to determine what type of Motion Sparkle Lamp you need and how many functions it has. According to energy (brightness), Motion Sparkle Lamp can be divided into three categories according to the voltage of the electrodes at both ends of the flash tube during instantaneous discharge:
1. High-voltage Motion Sparkle Lamp with voltage above 2500 volts
The advantages of this lamp are large output energy and high brightness, which can meet the needs of large scenes and long-distance shooting. The disadvantage is that it is large and bulky and inconvenient to carry. Therefore, in addition to the special needs of professional photographers, amateur photographers should not choose it.

2.500V Motion Sparkle Lamp
The output power of this kind of lamp is moderate, which can meet the light demand for shooting under normal circumstances. It is convenient to carry, has relatively complete performance, and has many models, and there is enough room for selection. It is one of the practical lamps for photographers and enthusiasts.
Low-voltage small Motion Sparkle Lamp below 3.500 volts
This kind of lamp is small in size, light in weight, low in power consumption, cheap in price, and in a wide variety of types. It is very suitable for professional and amateur photographers.

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