Motion Sparkle Lamp tells: What kinds of flashes are there?

Flash is also one of the ways to enhance exposure, especially in dark places, it helps to make the scene brighter. Flashes can be roughly divided into three categories, according to their types, their functions and performance are also different. The flash adopts a unique digital control circuit, which has the characteristics of fast recycling and long life, precise control of flash time, continuous high-power square wave output within the flash instant (high power density), greatly increasing the light output energy of the camera during exposure. By adjusting the length of the flash, the light emission and the exposure time of the camera can achieve the most perfect combination, thereby greatly reducing the impact on the human eye and minimizing the interference of ambient light on the photo. It can meet the requirements of the auxiliary camera system to achieve the clearest photography of the vehicle and the driver under various light conditions. Let's follow the editor of Motion Sparkle Lamp to take a look at the related knowledge of its types!

1. Built-in flash. Using the built-in flash will cause a lot of power consumption of the camera, and the built-in flash does not support various advanced functions of the flash.
2. External flash, which is generally located on the top of the camera body, and some external flashes also provide various functions.
3. Handle flash, which is often used in professional places such as photo studios, photo studios, and wedding photography studios.
To sum up, the editor of Motion Sparkle Lamp tells: a brief introduction to related knowledge about the types of flashes.

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