LED Silicone Touch Nursery Light factory introduces the tips for purchasing LED lights

How much do you know about the purchase of led lights? Follow the editor of LED Silicone Touch Nursery Light factory to have a simple understanding!
1. Beware of low-price traps. The price of LED light sources varies greatly. LEDs of the same color and brightness can vary several times in price. This gap is mainly reflected in the reliability, light decay, and appearance craftsmanship of the LED. Low-priced LEDs have smaller chip sizes, rough electrodes, poor materials (phosphor and glue), poor current resistance, poor temperature and humidity changes, fast light decay, and short life. Therefore, blindly pursuing low prices may not be worth the loss.

2. Recognize the relevant standards. From a safety point of view, the products should comply with the relevant standards. As LED is a new product, the international safety certification is the standard to measure the quality of LED lights. At the same time, there are not many manufacturers who have international safety certification and national product quality certificate, so you need to carefully identify the authenticity of the certificate when purchasing. The prices of products with international safety certification are generally higher.
3. When using LED lights with constant current power supply, the price of the resistance, capacitance, IC and other components of the LED driving power supply varies greatly. The design of the entire power supply and the rationality of the circuit itself will directly affect the quality of the product. Some driving power supplies are only constant voltage, not constant current, and LED lights need constant current to better ensure quality and service life. Therefore, this point needs extra attention when purchasing, especially for high-power LED lights.
The above is the introduction of LED Silicone Touch Nursery Light factory editor: a brief introduction to the purchase of led lights.

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