Introduction to the basics of 8 INCH PLASMA BALL Wholesale Price

The exterior of 8 INCH PLASMA BALL Wholesale Price is a vacuum glass dome with a center electrode inside. Under normal circumstances, the ball is filled with inert gas with a pressure of 1-100 torr. The center electrode is usually made of steel wool, in order to form a local high field strength area in the electric field. The luminous ball uses a high-frequency and high-voltage power supply. The voltage of commercial products is generally several thousand volts, and the frequency ranges from several kilohertz to tens of thousands of hertz. After the high voltage breaks down the air, multiple colored light bands are generated. With the high frequency design, the current can penetrate the glass and enter the surrounding air under the action of capacitive coupling.

8 INCH PLASMA BALL Wholesale Price In order to form the required beam, the ball should maintain a high pressure state. After the filamentous plasma is heated, the light band randomly rises to the edge of the sphere under the action of buoyancy. At the same time, the edge area with higher temperature has higher conductivity, so the light belt can remain stable until it is disintegrated under the influence of unstable factors. The charge accumulates at a position that the charge trajectory does not reach until it is also ionized. Subsequently, the charge carrier in the foggy area collapsed and became an ion trajectory. The ion trajectory has good conductivity, and the current can flow to the ground terminal of the circuit to release the charge. After the area is discharged, the ion trajectory disappears, or migrates to other areas in a certain direction, and the area is subsequently charged. When there is enough current inside the luminous ball, the ion trajectory will always exist.
The above is a brief introduction to the basic knowledge of 8 INCH PLASMA BALL Wholesale Price.

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