What is the working principle of fiber optic lights?

The fiber optic lights uses a special polymer compound as the core material and a high-strength transparent flame-retardant engineering plastic as the outer skin, which can ensure that there will be no quality problems such as fracture and deformation for a long time, and the life span is at least 10 years. Due to the use of high-purity core material, the attenuation in light transmission is effectively reduced, and the efficient transmission of light is achieved. Because of its high purity, low attenuation, and easy installation. Reliability, safety, environmental protection, flexibility, integrity, can produce colorful, dreamlike visual effects and no ultraviolet rays, low heat, no electrical damage, long service life, rich color changes, good durability and Plasticity and other characteristics. Therefore, it is regarded as an ideal material to replace the current decorative lighting methods.

The fiber optic lighting system is composed of light source, reflector, color filter and fiber.
When the light source passes through the reflector, a beam of approximately parallel light is formed. Due to the effect of the color filter, the light beam becomes colored light. When the light beam enters the optical fiber, the colored light is sent to the predetermined place along the path of the optical fiber.
Due to the loss of light on the way, the light source is generally very strong. The commonly used light source is about 150~250W. And in order to obtain approximately parallel beams, the luminous point should be as small as possible, similar to a point light source.
The reflector is an important factor in obtaining a nearly parallel beam. Therefore, aspherical mirrors are generally used.
Color filters are parts that change the color of the light beam. According to needs, the corresponding colored light source can be obtained by changing the filters of different colors.
The optical fiber is the main body in the optical fiber lighting system. The function of the optical fiber is to transmit or launch light to a predetermined place. Optical fibers are divided into end-emitting and bulk-emitting. The former means that after the light beam reaches the end point, it is illuminated by the taillight, while the latter itself is the luminous body, forming a flexible light beam.
As for the optical fiber material, it must be in the visible light range, and the loss of light energy should be minimal to ensure the quality of illumination. But in fact, it is impossible to have no loss, so the optical fiber transmission distance of about 30m is the best.
There are three types of optical fibers: single strand, multiple strand and mesh. For a single-strand fiber, its diameter is Ф6~Ф20mm, and it can be divided into two types: volume light and end light. For multi-strand optical fibers, they are all end-emitting. The diameter of multi-strand optical fibers is generally Ф0.5~Ф3mm, and the number of strands is usually a few to hundreds.
The mesh optical fibers are composed of thin-diameter volume-emitting optical fibers, which can form a flexible optical ribbon.
In theory, light travels in a straight line. But in practical applications, people want to change the direction of light propagation. After hundreds of years of unremitting efforts by scientists, the use of optical elements such as lenses and mirrors to change the direction of propagation indefinitely The emergence of fiber optic lighting is based on changing the direction of light propagation in a limited number of times, realizing the flexible propagation of light. Just as the arc is divided into a straight line after countless times, the fiber optic lighting is reflected in an infinite number of times. Just follow the path of the optical fiber to realize flexible propagation. However, the flexible propagation of optical fiber illumination does not change the classic theory of light propagation in a straight line.
The optical fiber is polymerized by a liquid polymer compound, which has the characteristics of strong light guide, power saving, durability, no heat, no pollution, bendable, color-changing, wide range of environmental adaptation, and safe use. The light guide method of optical fiber is divided into soft and warm line light fiber and shining point light fiber, which are widely used in building decoration lighting, landscape decoration lighting, cultural relics and crafts lighting, special occasion lighting, billboards, entertainment venues, etc. Decoration lighting project. Optical fiber types: ordinary solid-core optical fiber, PVC solid-core optical fiber, thermoplastic solid-core optical fiber, and PVC solid-core optical fiber.

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