Features of Rainbow Flash Speaker Light

Both adults and kids will love this cool version of the TECH Portable Color LED Ball Speaker. Some people bought it for lighting, others for its portability, but they were all impressed with this cool wireless speaker.

Rainbow Glitter Speaker Lamp

Equipped with high-fidelity stereo speakers, this miniature TECH portable color LED spherical speaker is capable of producing a wide audio spectrum. It delivers powerful bass without distortion, even at top volumes. Although, it may not have the best sound quality, but it has so many cool lighting features that you can control a mini remote. It has advanced Bluetooth V4.1 technology and is compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices.
The sound light is not on and cannot work properly Reasons:
1. The audio problem may be that the volume potentiometer of the audio is adjusted to the minimum state, or internal failure, which can only be repaired by professionals.
2. If the signal line is faulty, it may be due to poor contact or open circuit of the signal line. You can replace the good signal line for testing.
3. The problem of the signal source may be that it is not set properly, whether it is pressed to mute or pause, or the hardware of the signal source is faulty, you can try another good signal source.

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