Introduction to Mini Lava Shakers

Lava lamps are also known as wax lamps, jellyfish lamps, and magma lamps. The name derives from the slow flow of irregularly shaped wax droplets within it, reminiscent of the flow of lava. Lava lamps come in many shapes and colors.
The lava lamp is inspired by the design of the egg hour hand, because it uses the principle of thermal energy to create a permanent light and shadow movement effect; the shape is very cool, but the LOW-TECH is so psychedelic, it has now become a popular holy object.

Mini Lava Lamp Shake

Today's lava lamps have developed into many colors, shapes and sizes, and become a timeless fashion. , the endless effects will create a daydream realm.
The principle of the mini lava shaker is actually very simple. There is an ordinary incandescent light bulb or a reflective light bulb at the bottom, and a glass bottle is placed on it. The special aqueous solution and waxy solid in the bottle are turned on to form heat, which is transferred from the bottom to the glass bottle. After the wax is heated, it melts and gradually becomes lighter, and it will slowly rise. When it reaches the top, it will slowly fall down, and the floating effect will come.

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