Lava lamp structure and precautions

In fact, the construction of lava lamps is very simple. It is based on very basic scientific principles and consists of only a few simple components. Essential components for a lava lamp: a compound to form a floating "bubble", a compound for the bubble to float in, a light bulb for the lighting effect and to provide the heat needed to move the bubble.

Groovy Motion Lava Lamp factory

To make a floating bubble block, the two compounds in the lava lamp must be insoluble, that is, immiscible with each other. This means that liquid A cannot dissolve in liquid B, the two cannot mix, so you see two separate liquids, one floating on or in the other.
1. The wax must be melted after the liquid is heated after the lamp is turned on for a period of time, and it is constantly changing. Please wait patiently.
2. After the wax melts, the temperature of the lamp will be relatively high, please do not touch the lamp directly with your hands to prevent burns
3. Since the light is not fixed, please place it in a place where it is not easy to be bumped to prevent accidents.
4. Please do not open the liquid bottle and do not shake the liquid in the bottle vigorously to ensure the normal operation of the lamp.

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