The principle of rainbow flash horn light

When the light emitted by the light source passes through the rainbow glass printed with the diffraction grating, the seven-color rainbow light of the luminous body can be seen from the glass, and the white light for lighting can still be obtained outside the lamp. Factors such as the type, shape, quantity, brightness of the light source used by the rainbow lamps, as well as the position and distance of the observer all affect the effect of viewing the colorful light. Rainbow lamps have been used as table lamps, pendant lamps, wall lamps, ceiling lamps and other indoor lamps, as well as for lighting and decoration in other places.

Rainbow Glitter Speaker Lamp

A polystyrene solution of appropriate concentration is injected onto the scribed grating mold, and then removed after drying to obtain a one-dimensional grating film. At least two layers of such films are placed so that the direction of the engraving line is overlapped at a certain angle, and then sandwiched between two pieces of transparent flat glass or plexiglass to obtain a piece of rainbow glass. It is also possible to make cross gratings directly on one or both base surfaces of the glass to obtain another iridescent glass. Rainbow glass can be used in a variety of decorative lighting fixtures.

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