Will the Mini Aquarium Lamp Night Light be turned on for a long time, will it have the adverse effect of inhibiting the growth of ornamental fish?

Does the light have an effect on the formation of ornamental fish? We know that children grow up while sleeping, so can I understand that when there is no light at night, it is beneficial to the growth of ornamental fish. Turn on the Mini Aquarium Lamp Night Light for a long time Does the night light have the effect of inhibiting growth?


There are many uncertain factors about right and wrong, but one thing is absolutely correct, that is, any creature needs proper rest, rather than being in long-term excitement for 24 hours. This is certain.


Under natural conditions, ornamental fish can choose light reasonably according to their own need for sunlight. Proper sun exposure is conducive to killing germs on ornamental fishes, enhancing their physical fitness and body color, and promoting their digestive ability. Contribute to the formation of various microorganisms and algae in the water, these factors are absolutely beneficial to ornamental fish.


When they need sunlight, they will automatically float to the surface to receive sunlight. When they feel the climate is hot and need to rest, they will dive deep in the water. This is their right choice.


And they live in a fish tank, and all these rights are in the hands of the fish owner. No matter if the light is too strong or the light is too long, they have to obey and accept unconditionally, sometimes when they need to rest, There is really no way to get good conditions, making them helpless.


Therefore, in the process of raising ornamental fish, we must not ignore the adverse effects of excessively strong light on the growth of ornamental fish. According to normal conditions, our current living conditions cannot have weak indoor light, usually during the day. The Mini Aquarium Lamp Night Light doesn’t need to be turned on at all.


If the indoor light is low and the ornamental fish cannot see the sun, we can turn on the Mini Aquarium Lamp Night Light for three to five hours at most in one day. Even under natural conditions, some fish may not accept this long time a day. The sun exposure, so five hours at most is enough.


Another thing is that any ornamental fish don't like strong light. We rarely see fish floating to the surface of the water at noon on a hot day to bask in the sun, so the light in our fish tank must not be too strong, especially for dragon fish This is especially true for other high-end varieties. Strong lighting will also cause them to lose their eyes and darken their body color.


At night, many fish owners will keep the Mini Aquarium Lamp Night Light on for a long time, or even turn on overnight. This approach is extremely wrong and will seriously affect the rest of the ornamental fish. If the ornamental fish is breeding and some special circumstances , We can turn on a dim night light, but it’s better not to turn it on.


At other times, before we rest normally at night, we should turn off the Mini Aquarium Lamp Night Light to let the ornamental fish rest early. If it is in the wild, after the sun sets, the ornamental fish will enter the rest. We should follow this natural law as well.

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