How does a plasma photosphere glow

The most common plasma lamps are spherical or cylindrical. Although there are many types, it is usually a clear glass ball filled with a mixture of various gases-most commonly helium and neon, sometimes low-pressure xenon and krypton (less than 0.01 atmospheres), High-frequency high-voltage alternating current (35kHz, 2 - 5kV) generated by a high-voltage transformer. Another smaller sphere is located in the center as an electrode. Filamentary plasmas extend from the inner electrodes to the outer glass insulating shell, presenting multiple constant colored beams of light. The light initially travels along the electric field lines between the dipoles, but then moves upwards under the influence of convection.

china Plasma Light Ball

Bringing the hand closer to the plasma lamp changes the high-frequency electric field, causing a beam of light to migrate from the inner sphere to the point of contact. Any conductor that comes close to the glass sphere will generate an electric current inside, since the glass cannot block the electromagnetic field created by the electric current conducted through the plasma (although the insulator does block the electric current itself). The glass acts as a dielectric between the ionized gas and the hand, like a capacitor.
Using 2.45GHz microwave energy (the same as the household microwave oven) to excite the luminescent material in the quartz bulb to produce molecular radiation and emit continuous visible light. After years of research by scientific researchers, the new technology of coaxial cavity excitation mechanism is boldly and innovatively adopted. The light efficiency is further improved and the reliability is enhanced. The cost is reduced, and the product is developed in the direction of miniaturization and low power. The microwave plasma lamp is an energy-saving and environment-friendly lighting source with independent intellectual property rights.

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