Rainbow Flashing Speaker Light

It can project three dynamic image effects: stars, nebula and sea of clouds. It is equipped with a 270-degree rotating circular base, which can truly realize lying on the bed and watching the starry sky on the ceiling!

Rainbow Glitter Speaker Lamp products

A unique card-style night light, the thin body design is definitely beyond your imagination. The very cute and cute cartoon shape is full of wit and wit. The built-in lithium battery can be replaced at any time, and it can emit various lights in the dark, especially convenient and practical for night feeding. The lampshade is made of transparent glass and fabric, which feels very comfortable to the touch. The lamp body is made of matte white paint, smooth and textured, and easy to clean and maintain. It is suitable to be used as a bedside lamp. When the light is turned on, it adds a lovely shape to the bedroom. The smooth and soft corners show a playful posture, and the translucent body reflects a warm light, lighting up the corners of the home, giving you a romantic look care.

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Rainbow Glitter Speaker Lamp is a common electronic product, mainly used to provide music playback and lighting functions.

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With the improvement of people's living standards, Rainbow Glitter Speaker Lamp has gradually become a popular home decoration and entertainment equipment.

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BLUETOOTH SPEAKER MOON LAMP products create an aesthetically romantic, warm and comfortable feeling for people, suitable for smart home, festival decoration and some entertainment places.

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