Features of Jellyfish Flowing Water Speaker Light

This jellyfish light creates a peaceful real life like jellyfish in a tank, the charming color changing light creates a beautifully serene, serene and soothing deep sea ambience, helps reduce stress and anxiety.

Jellyfish water speaker lamp

Perfect home decoration. Stylish, simple and modern design, elegant shape, lifelike jellyfish model dancing quietly in the water, like being immersed in a calm ocean, suitable for any decoration, this jellyfish tank table lamp is suitable for office, bedroom, living room and so on.
Quiet Jellyfish Lava Lamp. The jellyfish aquarium powered by a silent motor creates the perfect soothing atmosphere, and the dark lights help your little one fall asleep.
A variety of lights for your choice. The jellyfish lamp is composed of 2 artificial jellyfish and 8 luminous stones, and achieves the best effect after soaking for a few minutes. This adult lava lamp offers 16 lights and 4 light modes and features a silent motor for smooth motion in the water.

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