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16" Glitter Glow Lamp Motion Sparkle Lamp


16" Glitter Glow Lamp Motion Sparkle Lamp,  16 Inch Glitter Lamp with Color Changing LED




Product description:



This glitter lamp is reminiscent of the iconic lava lamps of the eighties. The great color change effect and the glitter content make this product a very special decorative


object that gives your apartment a great retro eye-catcher.



The glitter inside heats up and starts moving up and down inside the glass jar. It is mesmerizing to watch. This is a very groovy glitter motion lamp - retro party


decoration. Glitter Lamp lends a chill, retro vibe to any room!.




•  "Glitter" lamp


•  great color change effect


•   decorative object in retro look 


•  chic glitter content 





16" Glitter Glow Lamp Motion Sparkle Lamp

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