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Fibre Optic Lamp with Ice

Fibre Optic Lamp with Ice,  Fiber Optic Lite with Color-Changing Crystals Base, Fibre Optic Ice Lamp,



About this item:


This fibre optic lamp is great for some ambient lighting in your home.


The crystal-like pieces that are in the base of lamp help refract, split and reflect the beautiful colour-changing light


to project a dazzling and stunning spectacle on the surrounding furniture while the fibre optic strands fan-out and


course with a vibrant blue LED light, making this variation of the popular oddity a greater addition to your home.




 •  BRAND NEW & BOXED:  A variation on the classic Fibre Optic Lamp - light is projected to the ends of waving


nylon fronds producing a shower of tiny blue coloured pinpricks that shine with a romantic magical sparkle in the




•  The Ice Starlight lamp has a crystal-like effect in the base, which slowly pulses through different colours, very




•  Colour changing - Great Mood light


•  about 13 Inches tall with Crystal effect base


•  Battery powered 3 x AAA - Batteries not Supplied


•  LED lights for long lasting power







Fibre Optic Lamp with Ice

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