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Jellyfish Bluetooth Speaker Mood Light


Jellyfish Bluetooth Speaker Mood Light, Color Changing LED Jellyfish Aquarium, Wireless Speaker Relaxing Night/Mood Light



About this item:


•  LOVE INSPIRING LIGHT & RICH SOUND: Beautify your home with a stunning fascinating jellyfish mood light AND quality Bluetooth speaker that dynamically enhances

the experience of common jellyfish lamps. Aquarium lamps are incredibly popular for their hypnotic visual experience. They may soothe and de-stress, be nightlights and

sleep aids for children. Imagine how adding frequency infused meditative music or just feel-good music could take this sensory experience to its ultimate level !


•  SUPERIOR TO COMMON JELLYFISH AQUARIUM LAVA LAMPS ! Built-in latest-version bluetooth speaker broadcast rich sound quality (for its size). Project dazzling aqua

effects on the ceiling of any dark room with dancing fish & color changing RGB LED. Rechargeable long life battery (6 H/charge or play continuous w/ USB cable). 2

jellyfish add more effect. Exclusive buoyancy adjustment beads included. Optional sets of accessory Fantasy Fish available for even more variety.


•  COOL GIFT FOR KIDS & ADULTS ALIKE ! See radiant smiles! This spectacular sleek cylindrical color changing creates a spellbinding marine life. Parents enjoy added

peace; girls & boys are mesmerized; babies & infants develop their senses; the elderly feel less lonely; pets love it too! Pleases all ages, cultures, races,and genders. Unique

birthday present, house warming gift, or personal treat. Especially thoughtful present for autistic & special need children and those with mood disorders.


•  FAST AND EASY TO ASSEMBLE ! Simply fill the tank with distilled water, a drop of dish soap, insert the fantasy fish & jellyfish, and voila! Turn it on and quickly link to

your device (Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Samsung Galaxy/Note, Smart phone, Computer, Laptop & Tablet). Select your playlist & let the light show do the

rest! No feeding fish, no hassle of a real aquarium! Ultra silent pump - Can run continuously - Distortion-free audio.


•  BEST VALUE ! PREMIUM QUALITY COMPONENTS ! Our Nemo Jelly was first with a speaker. Beware of cheaper imitations! We offer personal support & guidance, and

free 3-year extended warranty. Our small personal company strives to improve and innovate our Nemo Jelly products. Take advantage of our discount coupon to offer

more than one Nemo Jelly to your loved ones!! We run random quality controls … you might find a drop of water in the tank.




Jellyfish Bluetooth Speaker Mood Light

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