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Aquarium Jellyfish Lamp


Aquarium Jellyfish Lamp LED Fantasy Lava Lamp Night Light Bedside Lamp Home Decoration Lamp



Mini Jelly Fish Tank Square







LED desktop aquarium lamp with two artificial jellyfishes that provide a fascinating atmosphere like real jellyfishes.


Fascinating 7 colors change effect. Great gifts for family and friends. Immerse yourself in the peace and calm of


the ocean, which helps reduce stress and anxiety. Perfect for children, adults and seniors with special needs,


including dementia, ADHD and autism. May help improve mood and well-being. Suitable for home office,


bedroom or living room, bring simulated marine life and colorful LED lighting into any room.



About this item:



•  CUTE PETS: The simpler aquarium feeding jellyfish needs space, time and constant care. The jellyfish lamp


reproduces the colorful tranquility of the aquarium without taking care of creatures. Just fill the aquarium with


water and add jellyfish. No need to worry about daily maintenance, just open it to enjoy the colorful underwater





THE OCEAN ON THE DESK: the underwater scenery of marine life is a soothing sight, and the jellyfish lamp can


capture this calm atmosphere. Realistic artificial jellyfish floats on the small water flow generated by the motor in


the lamp, creating a perfect soothing atmosphere and realistic quiet movement. They are ideal for use in any


environment where you need to spend a few minutes cleaning your head and relaxing.



CAPTIVATING MOOD LIGHTING with 7 LIGHT COLORS: that best captures your fantasy and brings the allure


of a real colorful marine aquariums to your home, without the hassles of maintenance.



BEST GIFTS FOR HIM OR HER: such as night lights, party lights, living room lights, especially suitable as holiday


gifts, Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, housewarming gifts for family and friends. WORRY-FREE SERVICE: Please


check the water tank for leaks before use.





Aquarium Jellyfish Lamp

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